Friday, November 07, 2008

Wat Arun Rachawarram

Took a ferry from Thammasat University to Wat Arun Rachawarram. Outside Thammasat, on the way to the ferry terminal, are several roadside stalls. They sell EVERYTHING; from clothings to jewelry to religious stuff and even dentures! And there are more than one shop displaying dentures! Roadside dentures stall… Hmmmm…

The ferry I took today was slightly different from the one I usually take. This one travels to many different stations; Wat Arun being the first station. But you can still see patches of vegetables floating around anyway.
The temples in Thailand as compared to Singapore are super intricate and grand. Super detailed… Chan choop! (Translate: I like!) At the entrance of Wat Arun Rachawarram, tourists have to pay. But Mathias said to just pretend to be Thai and walk in. So I kept my camera and simply walk in and act as naturally as possible. :) 

I love the details of the buildings! They seems to be made of broken pieces of porcelain and glass. I wonder who designed all these temples, really amazing! The steps of the temple are so steep and narrow, you better hold on to the handrails!
We also went to the supposedly Chinese temple beside. Mathias said the bells are to call the monks out during prayer times. And inscribed on the bells are names of philanthropist or sponsors. And not sure why are they soooo many Buddhas.
He has a wooden stick and tied to the stick is a large plastic bottle. And all he did was simply run around with it, dragging it on the floor after him.
Later, me and Mathias wandered around aimlessly, and went exploring. Exciting!
There was a temple-like place but I was told that it’s not a temple but a shrine for the King. People go there to pay their respects to the King. There were money dangling off the wire frame. I was told the characters of the wire frame reads the number sixty. But i have no idea why is that so. Maybe because the King died when he was 60 years old?

They are many roadside stalls selling photos of the King and the royal family, pins and necklace with the royal family faces on it… When people walk pass statues of respectable figures (King or anyone else) they will place their hand in the sawadeeka position (Two open palms clasped together) and do a slight bow towards the direction of the figure, to receive the blessings.
After all the random walking, we took random buses and eventually found our way back to the dorm. And yes, fresh bed sheets today! Yay! No more smelly pillow! And Golden Cup balm is keng (Translate: Good)! Applied on my mosquito bites and it effectively soothes the itch. 10baht! Chan cleat yung yung! (Translate: I hate mosquitoes!) While I was at Thammasat University, I was attacked by mosquitoes and given 8 new bites (at the same time) within a span of 5 minutes! Disgusting!

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