Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New apartment

Today, I move into my new apartment! I live on Borommaratchachonani Road (I can proudly pronounce the name at one go; no easy feat).

Me and Mathias spent half the day cleaning this room. Spanking clean now. Spent hours hand scrubbing the entire floor; with floor cleaner, then wipe with damp cloth and re-wipe one last time to make sure its really clean.

Thank goodness I had the help of Mathias, or else it would have taken forever! Even with two of us, it took 1 hour just to clean the floor. I also used baby wipes to wipe the furniture, insides of the cupboard and even the bed surface. There were disgusting strands of hair sticking out of the bed! The previous owner probably didn’t even bother to use bedsheets. *shudders*

This is a budgeted trip, so here goes:
  • Bedsheets were borrowed from Mathias’ parents because I will only be here for 1.5 months so I didn't want to buy any. 
  • My curtain is actually the 65 baht blanket I bought from Laos. 
  • I bought my pretty pillowcase for only 25baht (SG$1.10 approx.); it was a good buy (but not such a good fit, too big)!
The apartment is only 10 minutes by bus to Thammasat University; where I can use the Internet. Tesco Lotus (similar to Giant/ Carrefour) is a mere 10 minutes walk away and 7-11 a 3 minutes walk. So convenient! And the entire stretch of pavement (and across) is full of stalls selling clothing, accessories, food and more! Have to resist shopping. And right outside the apartment are two small eating houses with good and cheap food. Just 30 baht (SG$1.30 approx.) a meal, for my favorite kannah and kaijiao (omelet). :)
Anyway, it was media frenzy at Thammasat University today.

From what I know, students had found out that the director of Thammasat University was present at an event invited by the Thai military. To them, the Director’s presence at this event implies that he is showing support towards violence. To dramatize, they prepared a huge wreath of red and yellow flowers (colors of Thammasat University). Why a wreath you may ask? (I did not get it at first) As you know turns out, wreaths are usually given at funerals, so they mockingly implied that the Director should be dead.

Initially, I did not understand what was wrong with the Director being present at the Thai military event. For someone who know nuts about politics, the whole political situation in Bangkok seems very complicated and confusing. So with the help of Mathias (who patiently explained and even drew out tables to help me understand better), I (think) I can tell you very basically about the situation here.

There are two groups - people who support the PAD, and people who support the Government.

Side A: Government + UDD (party who supports the Government)
Side B: PAD + Thai military on the other side of the line
And each side with their own group of supporters.

The military coup is placed on the opposite side of the Government because of an event “2006 Thailand coup d’├ętat” that had occurred in 19 September 2549 (which the army takes power by force and abrogates the national constitution, acting illegally to undermine everything upon which the court stands). 

    So, why does the Government have supporters since they are corrupted? Well, from what I know and heard, it is either because they are unaware of the Government’s corrupted ways, or they do not agree with violent ways of the PAD (riots, seizure of airport etc.) and more.

    Today, the students are protesting because they abhor violence.
    Since the media were present, the students of the dorm took advantage of the situation and tried to make use of the publicity. Unfortunately, the media was not at all interested in what seems like such minute issues (increasing rent, welfare of students) to them.

    Looking on the bright side, at least now more people are aware of this problem. I know the students will continue to fight for their welfare no matter what. Soo soo le Chok dee! (Translate: Jia you and good luck!)

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