Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gone shopping (Part II)

Mission for today was to find a home for my vintage dresses at Haji Lane.

After our fruitless hunt, me and Marilyn wandered to the nearby curious-looking Golden Landmark Shopping Center; which Marilyn was quite reluctant to enter because “it looks dodgy”.

I love everything about the interior of this old building. There was this old glamour/cabaret kind of feel – from the mirrored surfaces, cute Arabian lifts, lighted escalators, stained glass ceiling. I can almost visualize – how nice it would be if it were filled with rows and rows of vintage shops!

Today, I adore the vintage clutches I saw at Haji Lane; I want to go thrift-hunting (Anyone?)! I like some of the accessories from Diva, I’ll get them when I have spare cash. I love the spoon-licking-good Tangy Tomato I had at Soup Spoon (and not to mention, healthy)!

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