Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hong Kong Day 2 – H&M + Lan Kwai Fong

They really do sterlize the lift every 4 hours, says Pamela.
Things I see along the way on the Midlevels escalator.

香港一零一 #7: The Midlevels escalator (sheltered walkway as shown in photos above)
In the mornings up till 10.30am (if i remembered correctly), the Midlevels escalators will go downhill; for the working crowd to get to the MTR station. And in the evenings, the escalators will go uphill; for people to go back home. So interesting!

香港一零一 #8: Nice restaurant interiors
I notice that the restaurants are all very well-themed, with well-designed interiors. Very attractive, I like!

The ugliest pair of tights; found in H&M! I just had to show you.

香港一零一 #9: Buildings, building, buildings
As I walk along the pathway towards H&M, all I see are buildings. The escalator carries us all the way from Robinsons Road (my cousin's apartment) to "Hong Kong" Station, where H&M is nearby.

After shopping at H&M, me and Patricia walk down the street to this auntie-looking-filled-with-cheap-things shop and started our bargain hunting. I love digging! After almost an hour of digging (tiring!), we were joined by Pamela to have dinner at the roadside stall located right outside the bargain shop.

香港一零一 #10: Roadside stalls not necessarily cheap
We had tze-char (煮炒) just outside the store we were bargain hunting at. I had expected cheap, roadside stall prices but it sure wasn’t the case. Take the scrambled eggs with beef and tomatoes for example; it costs HK$45 (SG$9 approx.).
After dinner, we head back to the apartment to put down our things, freshen up a little before heading to Lan Kwai Fong. Even on a week day, the streets of Lan Kwai Fong still bustle with merry-making folks. We walked along the streets of Lan Kwai Fong for a bit before settling at this bar on the 29th floor of a hotel (Sorry, i forgot the name!). The view from up there was great!
A list of things I bought today:

From the auntie-looking-filled-with-cheap-things shop:
- 3 undies (Yes! More!)
- A pair of girl boxers
- A long tube top
- A red polo shirt for Mathias
- A white basic tee (with interesting button details) for my brother
- A nice-shade-of blue berms for Shirley (whose work gear is berms)
    From H&M:
    - 2 pairs of earrings
    - Enamel butterfly hair clips, set of two (Love it!)
    - Turquoise pearl hair clips, set of two
    - A pair of grey opaque stockings for Ember (She was looking for it)
      They don’t have the usual black, navy or white opaque stockings though. I almost got a pair of mustard-coloured ones, but decided not to at the last minute! Thank goodness, or it’ll be another one of those impulse buys.

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