Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hong Kong Day 3 – Stanley Market

I'm using the butterfly hair clips bought from H&M yesterday! Love it!

Today, me and Patricia visited Stanley Market; quite a popular area among tourists. We took Bus 6 from Central interchange, which took us all the way to Stanley Market. The bus fare was HK$7.90 (SG$1.60 approx) and I suspect bus fares in Hong Kong are a flat rate as no bus tickets were issued.

It seems that Stanley Market is quite an isolated place, being all the way up a big hill (or mountain?); but it's near the Stanley main beach, which seems like a popular spot for tourists or beach goers. There are also residential areas (and the higher it is, the more expensive; I've heard), but it seems impossible to get to the city unless you drive (or takes the bus). It was a 45 - 60 minutes journey, but the scenery along the way made it all worth while.

Don't have as many photos of the scenery as I would like because the bus hardly stops, making it quite impossible to take any good photos. But how nice to live up there, with such a great view, away from the noisy city life and near the beach!

What i got on this trip:
- 8 beaded bag (dirt cheap, but have to dig hard)
- 1 huge burgundy clutch (Something on my "To Buy" list!)
- 1 F21 black tassel bag
- 1 grey Sportsgirl bag (I love!)
- 1 rainbow-coloured beach mat

The beach mat is for the picnic and lazing sessions I’ll be having Bangkok (Jaktujak) with Mathias. Since we had to pay 20B for each time we “rent” a mat, might as well buy one for only HK$12.90 (SG$2.60/60B approx.)! And RAINBOW!

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