Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm lusting for... Nine West Jenicca heels

While walking home, this pair of what i call "rainbow heels" suddenly flashed across my mind. It’s quite an old design, but I really love it! The last I checked, it was retailing for SG$120+ or SG$140+. Took me quite awhile to find it on

It is on sale for (can you believe it) US$29.99 only! I’m this close to clicking on the checkout button. I absolutely adore it!

But 3 problems stopping me from clicking that checkout button:
  • They only ship within USA
  • Even if there's Vpost, I’m wondering how much more would it cost (on top of the US$7 to the USA address) for it to be shipped to Singapore. 
  • Unsure about sizing. I’m usually size 7 and the smallest available size is a 7.5.
I love sandals & T-straps; they are mostly comfortable and stylish and yet not too casual. But booties, on the other hand; I’ve never actually owned a pair these before. Reason being I never knew what I can pair them with or how to carry them off nicely.

Somehow I think it skews my proportions. Oh, you wouldn’t understand, you don’t have big (basketballer’s) calf like mine.

But then again it might just work, if I can find the perfect outfit for them. But for now, i'll just be dreaming of my Jenicca heels. :)

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