Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In good company

Packed a wonderwee parcel before I head out to meet Angela & Detong. 

I love gift wrapping! I’ve even thought of being a X’mas season gift wrapper at Toys”R”Us. Hahaha! But there is one thing I dislike wrapping – round objects! Very challenging.

Angela's gift – Face mask packaging(made in Switzerland) that her company is endorsing. Love the nicer-in-life shade of red and the cute + sign patternz (+ signs = flag of Switzerland!)

Nutello @ The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC)

My really, really tiny (I kid you not, like a shot glass but only a little taller) Nutello drink, which was ohh-la-la at first, because i was happily licking and digging for all that Nutella goodness stuck right at the bottom. Then I tasted the drink (not much of it anyway) and it was awfully bitter because of all the Nutella I had before.

And now I have a slight sore throat. :(

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