Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've got mail!

Yay, I was talking about writing letters just the other day and guess who sent me mail? (Hint: Not the insurance company or bank)

A little something like this can really make my day.

P.S: His sign-off name is so cute; a small heart and star puntuates his "I"s... And the stamp is torn! Hahaha
I'll be deleting entries off my previous blog soon, so here I have my first ever entry and also something cute which I would like to remember:

Naming is so difficult! I’ve always been bad at naming. Many of the names i had wanted were taken, but in the end happily settled for “papillonpokpok”, a result of dearie + my nonsense.
I made dearie check the spelling for “papillon” before registering, and here’s what he had to add:
马他呀 MaThIaS the Federer !!! says:
papillon, dearie, it’s correct

马他呀 MaThIaS the Federer !!! says:
you can see a butterfly man at
He’s really as random as I am, but only cuter. ♥

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