Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let's all write letters

Last night as I was clearing my stuff, I had the strange urge to rummage through my box full of old notes I’ve kept since my primary school days. And so i did! I brought down this Adidas shoebox from the top of my cupboard, poured its contents onto the floor and started picking up random notes to read. They were all so cute!

What’s in that shoebox is already less than half of what i had originally kept (thrown the other half out years ago in a 大扫除), and yet there must have been easily hundreds and hundreds of notes, postcards and letters in that dusty old shoebox.

They were mostly from high school friends; and even though we were in the same class, sitting right next to each other, in the next class or will be hanging out later during recess time; we still wrote notes.

I’ll be making a trip down to Daiso (the one @IMM because it’s so hugeeee, i like!) one of these days to pick up some boxes and have all these notes and letters sort out according to sender. So the next time if i ever get the chance to meet up any one of my old pals, I’ll just bring along the boxful of memories; and we’ll have tea, read our nonsense and have a good laugh just for old times sake.

Now, the only mail i ever get is from the bank or from the insurance company. I'm going to start this old tradition of letter writing again!

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