Sunday, August 23, 2009

Picnic preparation

I'll be having a picnic (with a picnic basket, on a rainbow-coloured straw mat laid on the grass, under the big blue sky) in less than 3 weeks time and I am terribly excited about it! I'm thinking of all the food I can prepare and is searching for some recipes online now.

My recipes' criteria (it's serious business): 
  • Quick and easy to prepare 
  • Does not require too many ingredients 
  • Affordable ingredients (Total cost not to exceed $25, for 2 pax) 
  • Can keep well (Location of picnic is approximately 1 hour away)
And bear in mind, limited resources - I only have one lousy frying pan to accomplish everything. (No pots, oven or even microwave)
    So far, on my picnic list:
    • Aglio Olio (yums!)
    • Fried rice
    • Simple sandwiches (Nutella? Haha)
    • Chips, tidbits, drinks
    For now, I'll continue with my online recipes' hunt. I'll be trying out and modifying the recipes over the next few weeks (test trial) and if it looks and tastes good OK, I'll put them up online. Taking into consideration the fact that I can't really cook; if my recipes succeed, they must be really easy / cooking idiot proof.

    Feel free to share your (easy-to-cook) recipes with me!

    Edit: I'll be having another picnic even sooner now - this coming Sunday with Ember and Donald! They will both be Geniuea pigs for my Aglio Olio pasta, and the first (other than myself) to try this recipe!

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