Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day of reunions + Thai food

First time at ION! Had no idea it was linked to the MRT station as well as Wheelock Place. Shows how long I have not been in town for.
Today, I had lunch with Fish, an old high school classmate whom I had not seen for 8 years. 8 years! She goes by the name Fish because her Chinese name Jingyi, sounds like goldfish (金鱼) when read in Mandarin. We used to be good friends, but somehow just never kept in touch after our graduation. I did try to contact her once or twice after our graduation, but she didn't keep our date, so I stop trying.

Last week, out of the blue (actually it was after looking at the little notes kept since high school days), I decided to message her (I wasn't even sure if she was still using the same number). To my surprise, she replied and this time, we made a date.

While I was waiting for her, I was actually a little nervous. I didn't know what to expect at all. It was a strange feeling. But when we met, hugs exchanged and it almost felt like we were back to the old days. The 8 years lapse didn't seem to affect either one of us. We've both changed so much in so many different ways, and yet there are parts of us (mainly craziness) which will always remain the same.

I felt close to her, and yet; also not. Afterall, we've missed out 8 years of each other's life. Maybe the next time I see her, it will be another 8 years. (She told me not to be dissapointed if we cannot meet up often because she is currently actively participating in church activities.) And please kill me, I didn't take any photos! We were busy catching up (and eating) I clean forgetten to take out my camera.

I also bumped into a kindergarten schoolmate of mine at Borders; I remembered his name (Joel) and he remembered mine! We have not met for 18 years! He looks exactly like how he was in kindergarten, except bigger! Like a giant version of a 6 year old Joel. It's amazing. 18 years; can you imagine; how fast time flies?

For dinner, I brought Desmond, Khoo and Ember to Orchard Towers for Thai food (I've only been there once before this). The shop was hard to find; I don't remember the name at all (even now) it's a little shop named Korat (Thanks Ember!); and I distinctly remembered a beauty salon to the left of the shop (because it was very popular with the she-males the last time I came) and some sort of pub with full-glass windows that all covered in black. Good food; affordable prices - 4 dishes and 6 plates of white rice totals up to only $46 (of which, about $11 are drinks). But be warned, at around 8.30pm, the place will be filled with she-males strutting around in skimpily dressed outfits (interesting to look though).

And on my way home in the train, I bumped into a Primary School friend who was also in my Polytechnic. She's back from London for her holidays. Studying fashion there, how exciting! We might meet up before she returns to London.

Today is a day of reunions. :)
What I bought after lunch, at SIX ACCESSORIES, City Link:

They were having a sale, and I just had to get this curious-looking metal wire necklace (It was a steal, SG$6 only!). Excited to see what kind of look I can pull off with this piece of interesting-looking jewelry.


  1. KORAT. haha.. remember BORAT if you have trouble. My tummy was warm throughout the night. Thanks for the gifts hun, u are awesome sweet. And the pics are pretty ok what!


  2. WAH Yes! Korat, you're right!

    You're welcome for the gifts. Hope you like the undies. Haha!

    Pictures are OK but I want good!