Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alex Chicago

It was Alex Chicago's (too many Alexes around, so they go by the states they come from instead.) 20th birthday and the gang got him the cutest cake, with ears and eyes covered with dark chocolate. It took a long time before he cut the cake because everyone (okay, just the girls) was squirming each time he was about to plunge his knife in; "No! Don't cut the ears!", "Ahhh, not the eyes!". It was delicious though, a few of us had seconds.

His Mum came for a short visit with her friend. And when I ask to take a picture for the both of them, his Mum said "Wait, let me do something.", and she nipped off a small piece of cake and pretended to be feeding Alex. Isn't that cute? And she looks at least 10 year younger than she really is. And since he's "too cool to have Facebook", I'm going to develop all the photos I took of his birthday and give it to him as a belated present.

Its been some time since anyone I know celebrates their birthday with cakes. I guess after you past that certain age (maybe 21 or something), we just don't have cakes anymore. :( It's usually a night out at an expensive restaurant and drinks after.

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