Friday, September 11, 2009

FreeAgent Go

I got myself a much needed portable hard disk (finally!!!) from Challenger. I though it was quite a good buy, 320GB Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard disk, with 5 years warrenty, for only $99.

It's about time I got a portable hard disk; I've dropped my 3+ year old Macbook Pro a couple of times (I know, sin) and the terrible thought of losing all my work, especially photos; have been haunting me for a long time now. I also learnt how and what is "partitioning". Hehehe...

I also like the way it looks. I had wanted to get the silver colour but it was sold out, so I took gold. The more I look at it, the more I like it! I really like sii-thong (gold). You know, I haven't been practising my Thai for some time now, and I can't remember too many words. Learm mot leow (direct translation: Forget finish already). The thing about language is you've got to keep practising and practising. I'm going to start my revision tomorrow, just to prep me alittle for my coming trip!


  1. haha my paasaa thai also learm liao..

    many word already jam mai dai leeo..

    anyway..Comex is this week..y u go challenger buy wor.. maybe u can get a better deal leh


  2. The challenger say their prices are same as Comex otherwise they'll refund 110%.

    I think $99 is a good deal, at most also difference of $10, no need to squeeze with crowd, no need to compare a million gadgets and get a headache.

    Plus, I won't be here next week, I'll be in BKK!