Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Monsieur Champignon!

It's his birthday, it's his birthday.

Okay, it was supposed to be yesterday, 13 September.

He was supposed to open his present at midnight sharp, but we ended up dozing off somehow. (Must be all that traveling from the airport made us both sleepy. 50 freaking minutes of waiting for the buses in addition to the 45 minutes ride back to the apartment, which gave me motion sickness.)

We woke up hours later, and he opened his present. It was a box full of tiny knick knacks from there and there. Guess what? I got a present too! It was super nice, I love it so much! He's soooo sweet! Will show photos of my present tomorrow or some other day. *act mysterious*

After awhile, we headed downstairs for supper (we didn't exactly have dinner because neither of us were hungry then). We had fried mama; the Thai version of maggie goreng. Then he did some revision (the poor boy has exams end of the month) while I surfed the net.

And look at his hair! It's like poofy big! (It's gone by the time I wrote this; his head look so small all of a sudden.)

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