Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Stranger!

Today, on my way to the MRT station, a man, a random complete stranger (RCS) who was walking alongside me turned to me, smiled and asked "How are you?". I simply smiled back (though slightly surprised) and said "Good, thank you!", and we parted ways.

It was great to receive a nice gesture from a RCS. However, I have to say, it is not at all a common practice in Singapore. Neighbours yes, acquaintances yes, or maybe even people you've seen before; but just not a random person on the street.

I can imagine; if I had done the same to anyone else, say someone sitting beside me on the train... I would either be greeted back with a cold stare, a trying-to-recall-if-he/she-had-known-me-from-somewhere-else kind of look or even a are-you-a-stalker/weirdo kind of look. Or even better, simply just ignore and pretend he/she did not hear me.

(Then again, the RCS might have seen me around the neighbourhood before. Haha!)

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