Saturday, September 19, 2009

I love surprises!

This morning, I received a wonderful surprise!

I needed to pack my bag just before going out. (I was planning to go for Thai boxing again, but there was no class today.) When opened my bag, I saw a heap of crumply wrapping paper (the one I used for Mathias' birthday present). I was almost angry, thinking to myself, "Why did Mathias stuff rubbish in my bag?!" Come to think of it now, I don't even make sense. 

It was the pair of colourful, happy, rainbowy sandals I almost bought one day before I left, on my last trip. And it fits me perfect! Mathias said he went back the very next day to get it for me. He had actually put it in my luggage bag a few days ago, but I didn't look into it at all.

I've been waking up super late these few days (around 2pm or later), so I guess it was super easy for Mathias to plant this little surprise. Whatever it is, I'm a happy (and lucky) girl!


  1. HE IS TOO CUTE, the note. Haha..

    The shoes were made for you la.

    xoxo. guess who.

  2. Hello Babe! I know who! Heh :)

    Yah, the note was funny, he said the first time he put in my luggage, it only read "This is for U" because his highlighter ran out of ink.

    Then since I didn't look into my luggage, he went to get a new highlighter and continued the note the next day before putting my my bag. Haha!