Wednesday, September 09, 2009


My cousin Jane and her Mum, Aunty Iris brought Lancy, their hyperactive Jack Rusell for an injection at a pet clinic not to far from my place (same one that Vodka, my darling Shih Tzu, goes to). On their way home, they popped by my place for a short visit.

Lancy and Vodka have completely opposite personalities. Lancy is hyperactive, noisy, very rough, can't sit still for a minute and very responsive. Vodka is slow-moving, doesn't bark more than 3 times a year (not kidding), very gentle, lazes practically everywhere and responds to you only when she feels like it (or when you have food).

No matter how different they may be, we love them so much all the same. It's that indescribable affinity owners share with their dogs.

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