Monday, September 07, 2009

No name

I've never been brand conscious and I don't usually spend more than $50 on a piece of clothing. I like to try different styles and fashion, so having expensive taste just isn't practical for me.

I'm sure there are people who buy things just for the brand. Frankly speaking, I don't quite get people who wears T-shirt with only wordings of the brand name printed big across your chest (It's like being a free walking banner for that brand). But of course, big brands do have exquisite designs and quality as well.

But we cannot deny, branding and marketing plays a very big role. I mean, would you have paid the same hefty price for that quilted bag, same quality and design if it wasn't originally a Chanel but a lesser known or not known brand at all?

Starting Spring 2010, Freshjive will no longer be using any brand logos or names on any of their products. Sounds like an interesting move, I wonder how they will fare.

View the interview with owner/design of Freshjive, Rick Klotz here.

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