Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thai Boxing

My legs are super wobbly, thighs are aching and I cannot walk up or down the stairs properly. Today I did Thai boxing for the first time, at Thammasat University. It's really tough and intense but I really like it a lot!

The warm-up regime alone can kill. There are 11 different exercises, and for every one you have to do 30 repetitions. 30 squats (on tip toes), 30 sit ups... you get the drift. And don't think it's just a few punches here and there, it's really super exhausting (especially after the tedious warm-up)! After everything, you have to do a warm-down, which is the reverse order of the warm-up.

Also prior to Thai boxing, I played basketball for 2 hours! Power sports non-stop for 4 hours, there's only so much my body can take. But I made a lot of friends today through these two sports. It's a happy day!

I'm also going back there tomorrow at 11.30am, because the ahjahn (teacher) was saying it will be less crowded at that time, so he'll be able to teach me the basics. I'm looking forward to it (despite my aching legs)!
After our workout (Belle did yoga, Oh went running), Belle, Oh, Mathias and I headed to a restaurant at Trapajahn (just outside T.U) for dinner.

If you're wondering what the photos above were about: Belle was carrying this furry wristlet and she told me once a friend thought she was actually carrying a small dog; so I made each of them pose with that furry thing like they're holding a real dog.

I had kai-rah-berd (kai: egg, rah-berd: bomb); which is really just minced meat with peas, chopped carrots and an egg. It wasn't that good and it was 59 baht (SG$2.50 approx), almost twice as expensive as the average 20 - 35 baht per (yummy-ier) meal.

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