Thursday, September 24, 2009

Travis' 21st Birthday

Travis is an exchange student from California whom I met in Bangkok while playing basketball at Thammasat university. He also lives at Apartment 3J.

It was his 21st birthday on the 23rd Sept and everyone got together in one of the rooms (there must have been 20+ exchange students from all over) to celebrate. I made many new friends that day; some Japanese, a Taiwanese, mostly from California and even one Netherlander ("Ikea" came out at one point of time from someone?!!).

After an hour or so in the very noisy room (imagine all 20+ of us talking at the same time), we headed down to Ekkamai 63 for some clubbing. We went to The Muse (as recommended by Belle) and it was not bad. There was a live band playing some Thai music, and our group don't seem very interested and no one around us were dancing at all. We were about the leave for another club when more familiar English songs started playing, and all of us went back in and started dancing like crazy. (No one seems to really dance in Thai clubs, well at least for those that I've been to) The club's staffs also removed all the chairs so everyone was kind of made the stand and hopefully be encouraged to dance.

We danced for about an hour when another band came on stage; their music seems to be catchier than the previous (and maybe also because everyone was already in the mood) so we continued dancing through the night.

We also tried enter another club called Funky Villa, which was just right beside (I've been there once) but most of them were not allowed in because they were underage (age limit 21) and one of them were wearing flip-flops (The Muse was apparently less strict, though the flip-flop guy did quite abit of coaxing before he was let in). It was 30 minutes to closing anyway, so we simply headed to MacDonalds for some unhealthy eating and that's how our day ended. Yay!

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