Friday, September 04, 2009

Weekend is near

Weekend is here, but I'll busy!

My weekend will be spent at the bazaar at Downtown East, so come join me for a day of shopping and fun:
5 & 6 September
11am - 8pm
Main Street of Downtown East (housed in shop #01 - 25)

The bazaar at Downtown East was a failure! There was practically no crowd. There were lots of people at Downtown East, but not many ventured further down to where the bazaar was held. In my opinion, very bad marketing by the organizers. Their standees and banners are pathetic and not eye-catching at all. No hype. Location was spacious, but it was very stuffy, no music and it seems that not all the lots were taken up, so it looked so sparse. I actually made a loss. Big disappointment.
I can't wait for the weekend to end (sounds ridiculous, i know), because I've got some crafting projects up my sleeves! Monsieur Champignon's birthday is drawing really near; it will be the first time I'll be celebrating his birthday with him, so I want to make make it extra special for him.

I've also been online getting lots of inspiration and ideas from here and there. Can't wait to get started; planning is so exciting! And I love making things!

That said, I've also been working on my very first print, supposedly to be put up on Etsy. It's not completed yet, but it's going to be a series of prints. (I love series) It got me really excited.

I'm also doing a little homework, gathering information on print & graphic; like what kind of paper will make a lasting print, ink, colours etc. Not only does my print have to be pretty, it has to be of the best quality!

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