Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a great evening!

Basically, this was how my evening went.

Belle's friend, Biew (a judge!) told her about a (small) festival nearby school, and today or tomorrow is the last day of celebrations. Belle asked me along; so together with O, we went to meet Biew to dern-len (direct translation: walk-play. As you may have guessed, it means leisure walking.) at an estate called Phreang Nara, where the festival is held.

Phreang Nara is near one of Bangkok's tourist attraction, the Giant Swing. The purpose of the festival, it seems, was to reminisce the old times. People were dressed in costumes of the past, singing old songs and selling old-time toys, all these happening amongst shop houses. The atmosphere was good, the company was wonderful and everything was so interesting to look at.

I bought a hand-made rainbowy (couldn't resist it) straw fan, tried some kind of otah in fishball form, tried some Thai dessert that rhymes with the word "chups" and looks like Chuppa Chups, ate some bread that tastes like hum chee peng or butterfly (fried dough), sat in a vintage automobile and even saw a 10 baht vintage Thai porno book (pictured above)!

The longish straw thing that Belle was wearing on her finger was stuck, and according to the seller, if it gets stuck it means you'll meet The One soon. But we decided that it was probably a gimmick to leave you with no choice but to buy since it cannot be removed (we were told it has to be cut to be removed). Eventually it was removed from Belle's finger (without cutting), I have no idea how but Belle still bought it for 5 baht anyway.

After the lovely tour, we headed to Kao San Road for a drink. It was walking distance. FYI, Kao San Road is a pubbing/clubbing area with rows of hostels and backpackers' inn, artsy little cafes and awesome shopping; an extremely popular area among farangs (foreigners). Eat, drink, shop and make merry, it's no wonder how some farangs can stay only in one area for their whole trip. There are so many nice things I would like to buy! Shopping in Kao San Road is slightly more expensive than most places in BKK, but still very cheap compared to shopping in Singapore. Booze is super cheap though.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening for me.

P.S.: Inspired by bespokepress, I decided to try cropping my images into a square. I like it!

P.S.S.: In case you're wondering, the road sign (last photo) supposedly means no stopping at the cross junction.

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