Saturday, October 31, 2009

Random yesterday

Mummy dearest cooked a sumptious breakfast (from yesterday's dinner) for me. It was really delicious; french beans and sunny-side-up eggs are my all-time favourite (and tofu!); but the portions were more than my stomach could take on an early morning.

I'm currently on a 2 week term full-time freelance/part time, and I have to reach the office by 9am (that means waking up at 7-ish)! It has been a long time since I woke up before 10am; much effort needed.

Since I came back from Bangkok, I have been working non-stop. Tomorrow shall be my first (half) weekend free, and I hope to complete some errands:
  • Go Ikea for shelves + storage + photo frames
  • Hopefully do up my (yet-to-exist) work station
  • Make new spectacles from a $2 frame I got from Bangkok
  • Take product pictures for my wonderwee's next update
  • Finish up the last of the freelance project that has been dragging (client finally sent in all content; I've been waiting for this day)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yummy Pentax cameras! Well, they look very good all lined up in a row, but probably not as when on its own.I like the black, white and blues... Yum...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Silver Labyrinth Necklace by Erica Weiner

I love the simplicity and uneveness of this Silver Labyrinth Necklace. I'm quite a bit of a necklace collector myself. Shall wear and post my collection of 60(++?) necklaces.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vodka Kwa Boo Boo turns 7!

Vodka Kwa Boo Boo just turned seven on 18 October! These photos date all the way back to Chinese New Year '09.

She's absolutely the sweetest dog ever, and so well-loved and well-taken care by each and every person in my family. She sleeps on the same bed as my parents every night; either squeezing herself between Mum's pillow and the headboard of the bed (her favorite sleeping place ever), or snuggling close to Papa (which Mum thinks is very cute).

I remember when we first got her, she didn't bark even once for months; we all thought she was mute. To date, I still have not heard her bark more than 10 times; and they aren't even proper barks to begin with... more like squeaking?

She's absolutely lazy (great for taking photos, because she's so still), so gentle and so soft and chubby! She'll let you do anything you want to her; lie on her belly, mop her around while lying on her back,  carry her and cuddle her like a baby, squeeze her tightly and hug her like a bolster... without a struggle at all.

I love my Vodka (named by me), and my Boo boo (also nicknamed by me, with everyone in the family calling her that too). She's one of us, and will always be.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


First it's Mathias, now it's O! I was having a short chat with O on MSN earlier, and now he uses "lah" when talking to me too!

OH NO! I'm spreading Singlish (terrible virus) to Thailand!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yay things to do!

Taking a break now, and so many things I want to do!

I really need to tidy up my room; drop by Ikea to buy a couple of shelves and create a workspace in my room, organize my (overflowing) accessories. I have a tiny idea of hanging many hooks on my cupboard door so that I can hang my (40++) necklaces and actually use them. I have them in compartment boxes and is usually too lazy to take them out to wear. My cupboard is way too small for my tons of clothes, but it's a build-in so I have no choice.

I would like to work on new packaging for my online shop + display for flea market. Participate in more flea markets (Any to introduce?). Sell my 10+ vintage dresses and tops on Etsy. Interested parties may also pop by for viewing and fitting!

I will also be sewing a laptop cover with Mum's help next week (Okay, she does the sewing, I just tell her how I want it. Haha)

Write some letters, make some buntings which I have been thinking of doing for the longest time, and oh (!) finish up my prints! I'm now working on the 3rd print, of a series of 4 - 5 prints (not decided yet) and I can't wait to go test print them and see how they look on paper, and hopefully/finally put them up on Etsy.

But all this can only be done, AFTER my freelance job is completed.

And I just couldn't resist the cutest photo of Mathias and Pinkie (pink nose!), one of 3J Apartment's resident dogs.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Today, I am touched. I would like to remember these people's kindness. Thank you Charlotte, my brother Alex and especially Liwei. It's not a matter of how much they can give, but a matter of their willingness to help.

I'm recently being tied down by one job; the deadline is super tight and I am really out of touch (with web design/building), not to mention, outdated. But I figured I could try to take it on for some practice. I reckon learning to build a site with only CSS will be no easy feat for a beginner like me.

Those people mentioned shared their time and knowledge and were so patient with answering my questions. Liwei especially, is a lifesaver! I'm going to get a crash course from him this weekend. I'm very touched by the gesture; from a friend who I haven't met for some time but still so willing to take time out of his weekend to teach me, for nothing in return!

I also remember one friend from a long time ago, Ben Ho, one of the few designers I know who were so willing to share and teach; he even sent me his working files! And his lovely girlfriend, Melly who patiently answered my super long e-mail of questions regarding print.

There are so many other names I can think of, who were so kind and helpful but these are the names that came out because I am now 24/7 working on that stupid design job, and all these people are somehow related to the industry.

Do not be selfish, because by helping other people, in some ways you will also be helping yourself. It's because of people like this, the industry will grow. Kindness and generosity is contagious too, I believe. And, you'll never know who you'll need help from one day.

Thank you all for your kindness, it's deeply appreciated!

(Of course there are also narrow-minded people (thankfully, I haven't personally encountered any yet or maybe I just don't want to remember) who are afraid of sharing with people of the same industry because of competition, "snatching of ricebowl". And you know the feeling, of asking for loose change but people tell you flatly, "don't have" without even bothering to check their wallets?)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Next on my list, to read:
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Hungry and busy

Watching cooking shows on at 2am is a bad idea. I feel hungry!

I'm going to be so busy the next two weeks (I already am), so I won't be updating this blog much. Really, really busy. After that, I'm going to give myself a small break and start doing some exercises.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Revisiting Singapore (Part 2) - Little India

After Sentosa, me and Alex headed to Little India and met up with Desmond. It took us 10 minutes before we actually met up with Desmond because the place was jampacked with Indians (which got Alex amused because it "feels just like India").

It was timely as well because Deepavali is coming up, so all the streets were full of colourful festival lights and there is a pasar malam (fleamarket sort of thing) with so many things to see. So exciting! 

We had some Indian food first and my mee goreng (not even Indian food anyway), was dissapointing! I get affected by unsastisfying meals. :( After my sad meal (Alex's Thosai was great though), we went exploring Little India.

We jaywalked everywhere, went into one of the pasar malams with so many things to look at (I like!) and even visited one of the shady alleyways (red light areas) which Desmond describes as "nasty".

What an adventure!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Revisting Singapore (Part 1) - Sentosa

Alex Chicago (an exchange student who is also staying at Apartment 3J in Bangkok) is currently in Singapore for a short 3 days, and I'll be showing him around.

Our initial plan was to visit Chinatown/Little India, but we ended up at Sentosa because one of his friends had suggested it. I normally wouldn't suggest Sentosa, because it's just seems too touristy (but then again, most parts of Singapore is). It's been a long time since I've been to a beach! Yeap, though the beaches in Sentosa are man made; but it was still pretty nice to chill there and feel the sea breeze against your skin.

Where would you bring someone who is visiting Singapore for the first time? And what do you think is culturally Singaporean?

I have more photos for the next half of the day (we went to Little India!) but It's nearly 7am, so I gotta go sleep. My biological clock is seriously screwed. There are more photos from Alex's camera too (which were ALL taken by me, that lazy ass), but I'll have to post them up next time; if I ever get them from Alex.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Linda & Harriett

I really like the concept of this Year 2010 letterpressed calender from Linda & Harriett. It's perforated at the printed bottom part so that you can tear it off and re-use it as postcard. So clever!

Zhangwang & Chatee

I just got to know 2 new friends, Zhangwang and Chatee! The Thai-style art above is by Zhangwang. I really like Thai art! The details, the contrasting colours and clean lines. I want to learn to draw in that style and Zhangwang is going to teach me (or so he says). And Chatee gave me one of his watercolour paintings. So nice right? I love the colours!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Today I cooked Kao pud (Fried Rice)

White rice, cooked and left to cool off for hours
Mixed vegetables - green peas, corn, chopped carrots and onions
Some garlic (optional)
3 eggs, lightly beaten up
Lup cheong (What do you call this in English?)
Heinz tomato ketchup

It's really easy to prepare and cook! (If I can do it, so can you!)

  1. What I did was I oiled the (lousy, lousy) pan with one tablespoon of oil, then poured in all the vegetables (my vegetables were cooked, I got them from the salad bar at the supermarket so I didn't have to cut them) and lup cheong to fry first. 
  2. After about 5 - 10 minutes of frying your vegetables + lup cheong in low heat, add the rice in and mix well. 
  3. After everything is well mixed, pour in your beaten up eggs and stir gently until the eggs are evenly in the rice mixture.
  4. Continue frying for 5 more minutes or until your eggs are cooked/mixture not soggy anymore and viola!
Somehow, something BAD always have to happen when I cook. It's either overcooked pasta, or breaking something, or forgertting to add something.

Today, I placed 3 eggs on the table and when I turned around and turned back, somehow 1 of the eggs rolled off the table and splattered itself all over the floor. So I cleaned up the mess and went to get another egg. This time, I made sure it doesn't roll off. It was alright for some time until I took something sitting near the egg and somehow touched the egg without knowing. It rolled off faster than I can say "broken eggs". So I cleaned up the mess AGAIN and this time I made sure I place my (active) eggs in a bowl. So technically, instead of 3 eggs, I used 5!

I'm such a klutz!

That rainbow plaid shirt

Give me that rainbow plaid shirt, via Brigitte Sire

Friday, October 02, 2009

What I ate yesterday and today

ba mee tom yum hang (meat noodle tom yum dry) + nam gang (soup)
Yellow noodles, luk-chin (meat balls), mu dang (red pork, or what we call char siew in Singapore), minced meat and some vegetables. Crushed tua (peanut), nam-tan (sugar) etc. to be added according to your preference.
25B / SG$1.10 approx
Across 3J Apartment (Sapan Pinklao)

This is what I ate for dinner today. It was delicious! Someone added sugar for me (we had dinner with Mathias' schoolmates and they were there early, so they ordered for us first) and it ended up being too sweet for me; but still aroy (delicious). I guess it's very similar to Chinese food (and probably is, since "ba mee" seems Hokkien). The bowl of soup came with each bowl of ba mee; and Mathias ordered a plate of rice to go with it. It looks like bak kut teh, but it's not; it's just some sweet-tasting soup.
Gai tot gratiam (Fried chicken with garlic) + kai dao (sunny side up egg)
White rice, fried chicken with garlic and a very oily egg
35B / $1.50 approx
From the ferry berth on the way to 3J Apartment; in front of the first 7-11 you'll see (Sapan Pinklao)

This is my latest obession. I'm going to try Gai tot gratiam at every street stall I know and eventually name a winner. I love it! I love garlic, I love chicken and especially sunny side up eggs with runny yolk (the other stalls always over cook it). You can request for runny yolks by saying "kai dao mai suk", which means egg not so cooked (or something like that). At every stall I've tried, this dish is cooked differently. This particular stall's chicken fried till crispy, not saucy at all, and perhaps a little too salty for my liking; but the garlic is perfecto. A the (three) other stalls I've tried, they are all saucy and chicken is not crispy at all.
Mama pud (Fried noodles, the maggie mee kind)
Maggie mee, egg, minced pork and mixed vegetables
25B / $1.10 approx
Right within Apartment 3J

This is what I eat on lazy days. It actually tastes better than it looks (looks mushy). I've been having this for lots of suppers as well. It's hard to resist when it's that easily available to me (just outside the room where I use the internet). It tastes almost like maggie goreng, and yet not really. I just can't pinpoint the difference.
Kao pud (Fried rice)
White rice, mackerel, eggs
Made with love, by Mathias
Right in my room

It's... bitter (oh, what they tell you about love being bitter), because it was burnt! It's not his fault though, we have a really lousy pot and cooker! It burns everything we cook and the only thing we can use it for is to do a steamboat! I think the smell of mackerel is also too strong for my liking, but I finished it anyway and I am really touched by the darling boy's gesture!
And will you just look at that face! Each time he eats Pud pik gang (Fried chilli sauce pork), each time he gets the same reaction. He can't really take spice very well (it wasn't that spicy for me) but he loves it. He looks so tortured. The things people do for food...

Looking at all the pictures I posted (especially Gai tot gratiam) is making me feel hungry. I'm going for some supper, Kai jiao mu sup (Omelette fried with pork).