Friday, October 16, 2009


Today, I am touched. I would like to remember these people's kindness. Thank you Charlotte, my brother Alex and especially Liwei. It's not a matter of how much they can give, but a matter of their willingness to help.

I'm recently being tied down by one job; the deadline is super tight and I am really out of touch (with web design/building), not to mention, outdated. But I figured I could try to take it on for some practice. I reckon learning to build a site with only CSS will be no easy feat for a beginner like me.

Those people mentioned shared their time and knowledge and were so patient with answering my questions. Liwei especially, is a lifesaver! I'm going to get a crash course from him this weekend. I'm very touched by the gesture; from a friend who I haven't met for some time but still so willing to take time out of his weekend to teach me, for nothing in return!

I also remember one friend from a long time ago, Ben Ho, one of the few designers I know who were so willing to share and teach; he even sent me his working files! And his lovely girlfriend, Melly who patiently answered my super long e-mail of questions regarding print.

There are so many other names I can think of, who were so kind and helpful but these are the names that came out because I am now 24/7 working on that stupid design job, and all these people are somehow related to the industry.

Do not be selfish, because by helping other people, in some ways you will also be helping yourself. It's because of people like this, the industry will grow. Kindness and generosity is contagious too, I believe. And, you'll never know who you'll need help from one day.

Thank you all for your kindness, it's deeply appreciated!

(Of course there are also narrow-minded people (thankfully, I haven't personally encountered any yet or maybe I just don't want to remember) who are afraid of sharing with people of the same industry because of competition, "snatching of ricebowl". And you know the feeling, of asking for loose change but people tell you flatly, "don't have" without even bothering to check their wallets?)

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