Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Revisiting Singapore (Part 2) - Little India

After Sentosa, me and Alex headed to Little India and met up with Desmond. It took us 10 minutes before we actually met up with Desmond because the place was jampacked with Indians (which got Alex amused because it "feels just like India").

It was timely as well because Deepavali is coming up, so all the streets were full of colourful festival lights and there is a pasar malam (fleamarket sort of thing) with so many things to see. So exciting! 

We had some Indian food first and my mee goreng (not even Indian food anyway), was dissapointing! I get affected by unsastisfying meals. :( After my sad meal (Alex's Thosai was great though), we went exploring Little India.

We jaywalked everywhere, went into one of the pasar malams with so many things to look at (I like!) and even visited one of the shady alleyways (red light areas) which Desmond describes as "nasty".

What an adventure!

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