Sunday, October 11, 2009

Revisting Singapore (Part 1) - Sentosa

Alex Chicago (an exchange student who is also staying at Apartment 3J in Bangkok) is currently in Singapore for a short 3 days, and I'll be showing him around.

Our initial plan was to visit Chinatown/Little India, but we ended up at Sentosa because one of his friends had suggested it. I normally wouldn't suggest Sentosa, because it's just seems too touristy (but then again, most parts of Singapore is). It's been a long time since I've been to a beach! Yeap, though the beaches in Sentosa are man made; but it was still pretty nice to chill there and feel the sea breeze against your skin.

Where would you bring someone who is visiting Singapore for the first time? And what do you think is culturally Singaporean?

I have more photos for the next half of the day (we went to Little India!) but It's nearly 7am, so I gotta go sleep. My biological clock is seriously screwed. There are more photos from Alex's camera too (which were ALL taken by me, that lazy ass), but I'll have to post them up next time; if I ever get them from Alex.

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