Saturday, October 03, 2009

Today I cooked Kao pud (Fried Rice)

White rice, cooked and left to cool off for hours
Mixed vegetables - green peas, corn, chopped carrots and onions
Some garlic (optional)
3 eggs, lightly beaten up
Lup cheong (What do you call this in English?)
Heinz tomato ketchup

It's really easy to prepare and cook! (If I can do it, so can you!)

  1. What I did was I oiled the (lousy, lousy) pan with one tablespoon of oil, then poured in all the vegetables (my vegetables were cooked, I got them from the salad bar at the supermarket so I didn't have to cut them) and lup cheong to fry first. 
  2. After about 5 - 10 minutes of frying your vegetables + lup cheong in low heat, add the rice in and mix well. 
  3. After everything is well mixed, pour in your beaten up eggs and stir gently until the eggs are evenly in the rice mixture.
  4. Continue frying for 5 more minutes or until your eggs are cooked/mixture not soggy anymore and viola!
Somehow, something BAD always have to happen when I cook. It's either overcooked pasta, or breaking something, or forgertting to add something.

Today, I placed 3 eggs on the table and when I turned around and turned back, somehow 1 of the eggs rolled off the table and splattered itself all over the floor. So I cleaned up the mess and went to get another egg. This time, I made sure it doesn't roll off. It was alright for some time until I took something sitting near the egg and somehow touched the egg without knowing. It rolled off faster than I can say "broken eggs". So I cleaned up the mess AGAIN and this time I made sure I place my (active) eggs in a bowl. So technically, instead of 3 eggs, I used 5!

I'm such a klutz!

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