Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vodka Kwa Boo Boo turns 7!

Vodka Kwa Boo Boo just turned seven on 18 October! These photos date all the way back to Chinese New Year '09.

She's absolutely the sweetest dog ever, and so well-loved and well-taken care by each and every person in my family. She sleeps on the same bed as my parents every night; either squeezing herself between Mum's pillow and the headboard of the bed (her favorite sleeping place ever), or snuggling close to Papa (which Mum thinks is very cute).

I remember when we first got her, she didn't bark even once for months; we all thought she was mute. To date, I still have not heard her bark more than 10 times; and they aren't even proper barks to begin with... more like squeaking?

She's absolutely lazy (great for taking photos, because she's so still), so gentle and so soft and chubby! She'll let you do anything you want to her; lie on her belly, mop her around while lying on her back,  carry her and cuddle her like a baby, squeeze her tightly and hug her like a bolster... without a struggle at all.

I love my Vodka (named by me), and my Boo boo (also nicknamed by me, with everyone in the family calling her that too). She's one of us, and will always be.

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