Friday, October 02, 2009

What I ate yesterday and today

ba mee tom yum hang (meat noodle tom yum dry) + nam gang (soup)
Yellow noodles, luk-chin (meat balls), mu dang (red pork, or what we call char siew in Singapore), minced meat and some vegetables. Crushed tua (peanut), nam-tan (sugar) etc. to be added according to your preference.
25B / SG$1.10 approx
Across 3J Apartment (Sapan Pinklao)

This is what I ate for dinner today. It was delicious! Someone added sugar for me (we had dinner with Mathias' schoolmates and they were there early, so they ordered for us first) and it ended up being too sweet for me; but still aroy (delicious). I guess it's very similar to Chinese food (and probably is, since "ba mee" seems Hokkien). The bowl of soup came with each bowl of ba mee; and Mathias ordered a plate of rice to go with it. It looks like bak kut teh, but it's not; it's just some sweet-tasting soup.
Gai tot gratiam (Fried chicken with garlic) + kai dao (sunny side up egg)
White rice, fried chicken with garlic and a very oily egg
35B / $1.50 approx
From the ferry berth on the way to 3J Apartment; in front of the first 7-11 you'll see (Sapan Pinklao)

This is my latest obession. I'm going to try Gai tot gratiam at every street stall I know and eventually name a winner. I love it! I love garlic, I love chicken and especially sunny side up eggs with runny yolk (the other stalls always over cook it). You can request for runny yolks by saying "kai dao mai suk", which means egg not so cooked (or something like that). At every stall I've tried, this dish is cooked differently. This particular stall's chicken fried till crispy, not saucy at all, and perhaps a little too salty for my liking; but the garlic is perfecto. A the (three) other stalls I've tried, they are all saucy and chicken is not crispy at all.
Mama pud (Fried noodles, the maggie mee kind)
Maggie mee, egg, minced pork and mixed vegetables
25B / $1.10 approx
Right within Apartment 3J

This is what I eat on lazy days. It actually tastes better than it looks (looks mushy). I've been having this for lots of suppers as well. It's hard to resist when it's that easily available to me (just outside the room where I use the internet). It tastes almost like maggie goreng, and yet not really. I just can't pinpoint the difference.
Kao pud (Fried rice)
White rice, mackerel, eggs
Made with love, by Mathias
Right in my room

It's... bitter (oh, what they tell you about love being bitter), because it was burnt! It's not his fault though, we have a really lousy pot and cooker! It burns everything we cook and the only thing we can use it for is to do a steamboat! I think the smell of mackerel is also too strong for my liking, but I finished it anyway and I am really touched by the darling boy's gesture!
And will you just look at that face! Each time he eats Pud pik gang (Fried chilli sauce pork), each time he gets the same reaction. He can't really take spice very well (it wasn't that spicy for me) but he loves it. He looks so tortured. The things people do for food...

Looking at all the pictures I posted (especially Gai tot gratiam) is making me feel hungry. I'm going for some supper, Kai jiao mu sup (Omelette fried with pork).

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