Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yay things to do!

Taking a break now, and so many things I want to do!

I really need to tidy up my room; drop by Ikea to buy a couple of shelves and create a workspace in my room, organize my (overflowing) accessories. I have a tiny idea of hanging many hooks on my cupboard door so that I can hang my (40++) necklaces and actually use them. I have them in compartment boxes and is usually too lazy to take them out to wear. My cupboard is way too small for my tons of clothes, but it's a build-in so I have no choice.

I would like to work on new packaging for my online shop + display for flea market. Participate in more flea markets (Any to introduce?). Sell my 10+ vintage dresses and tops on Etsy. Interested parties may also pop by for viewing and fitting!

I will also be sewing a laptop cover with Mum's help next week (Okay, she does the sewing, I just tell her how I want it. Haha)

Write some letters, make some buntings which I have been thinking of doing for the longest time, and oh (!) finish up my prints! I'm now working on the 3rd print, of a series of 4 - 5 prints (not decided yet) and I can't wait to go test print them and see how they look on paper, and hopefully/finally put them up on Etsy.

But all this can only be done, AFTER my freelance job is completed.

And I just couldn't resist the cutest photo of Mathias and Pinkie (pink nose!), one of 3J Apartment's resident dogs.

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