Sunday, November 08, 2009

Busy, tired, work

I have been working nearly non-stop for a month; and when I say non-stop, I mean weekends + late, late nights.

But I had HALF a shopping day with Lisien last weekend; and a good dinner and retail therapy always drive away any stress that you might be keeping (at least for me).

I rewarded myself with 2 lovely brightly coloured dresses from Forever 21 (shown above) and a pair of camel coloured Maryjanes (it was love at first sight) and had yummylicious Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio pasta, upsized!

Anyway, looks like updates will be slow as I will be re-entering the working world. Hello waking-up-at-7am-on-weekdays and squeezing-with-the-rush-hour-crowd! Took some outfit photos, but they don't seem decent enough for me to want to post them online.

For now, it's going to be lots of sleep for me because waking up at 7am the next day (and every other weekday) is no easy feat for me!

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