Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dinner at Cova

It was my first time at Cova, an Italian restaurant (fine dining style) tucked in one quiet corner of Paragon Shopping Center.

I had some yummy vegetarian spaghetti, while my colleague Laurel had her favourite seafood. While the pasta and complimentary serving of bread was more than yummy; the pretty looking tarts weren't as tasty as they look. Laurel also ordered some fancy natural mineral water  (in a pretty glass bottle, I love glass bottle labels!) which costs S$9 (don't get it); and to be honest, it wasn't any different from your regular tap water. Service was good and it will be ideal for those who like really quiet dining places (not for me, haha).

I remember watching on TV once, some people did some kind of test, serving unknowing customers expensive bottled mineral water (secretly filled with water from a hose). When asked if they felt it tasted different from the regular tap water, almost all thought that it tasted sweeter and more pure than the regular tap water. Funny how the mind affects your senses, ain't it?

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