Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bangkok Day 2 - Platinum Fashion Mall

Me, Mathias and the 2 English gentlemen headed to Platinum Fashion Mall for some serious shopping. We took a cab there together but split up at the mall. When it we met again, both the guys emerged with hands full of shopping bags, while I had a only 1 pathetic shopping bag - 2 tops, 1 pair of shorts, a penguin brooch and some notepads.

No cabs were willing to take us back to our apartment (always the case) because of the terrible jam. So the 4 of us hopped onto a willing tuktuk for 180baht and that was the beginning of a loooooong and uncomfortable journey. The 3 big guys could barely fit the main seats while I was left to sit at the side on the floor, right in front of Mathias.

I was armed with my Lumix 3 and along the way whenever the tuktuk stops for a traffic light, I would snap. You can almost guess the how long the journey was by looking at the colour of the sky. Estimated journey time was probably 1.5hours. When I got out of the tuktuk, my legs were jelly.

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