Monday, January 04, 2010

Merry Belated X'mas to myself!

I finally bought my X'mas present for myself, the highly recommended by friends Panasonic Lumix 3! I got it at Allan Photos@Sim Lim as recommended by Corine, who did her research on online forums. In the end she got the LX3 somewhere else because it was previously sold out at Allan Photos.

I got it for S$680, which includes additional items like: hard shell camera case, screen protector, battery (not original though), card reader, mini tripod and an 8GB memory card. It's a really good buy because my friends got it for at least S$690 (with lesser freebies); plus it's retailing at Harvey Norman and other major departmental store (most places are sold out though) for S$799. The Harvey Norman sales staff told me LX3 has been sold out twice already...

Anyway, I've already started playing around with it and it seems to an easy enough to use point-and-shoot camera for photography-idiots like me. And for those who scoff at auto modes can also play around with LX3's manual controls.

I also got Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster CD for $$12.90 (only) @ Borders, using a S$10 voucher I got from purchasing S$75 worth of items last month.

Overall, I'm happy with my buys. The LX3 is probably the most expensive item I've bought for myself so far; but imagine future better quality travel + events photos... and it's all worth it.

No more complaining about crappy photos!

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