Friday, January 22, 2010

Gang of Ten

TEN, 十, sib turned up for the outing yesterday. It was good to see everyone, and I'm glad everyone made effort to turn up despite their busy work schedules!

We had Korean food at Meridian and headed to Starbucks at PS for what else but good old coffee and chit chat. I went trigger happy and took close to 200 shots (which really scared Desmond). The PIN HOLE function was really nice; the effect was perfect for that evening.

The hand-covering-face action was in MOST of the photos. We were making fun of Ericia (not pictured here at all), who is very good at covering her face with super fast speed when the camera is on her.

The rest of the photos can be viewed here.

PS: Love the new Facebook uploading function; took me no more than 10 minutes to upload all 190+ photos.

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