Monday, February 01, 2010

Dear Yvonne

It must have been yonkers since I last saw Yvonne. One of the honey-sweetest people I know; Yvonne and I were friends since our high school days.

I was packing my room a few months back (yes, I'm still packing) when I came across a shoebox full of old notes that were written to me during my high school days. They sure brought back memories! I still keep some of the letters Yvonne sent me; letters that were decorated scrapbook style, some in the tiniest scraps of paper; sharing secrets about our crushes in school.

We met and chatted like we've always kept in touch. It's funny how so much has happened in the years we've missed out on each others' life, and yet it felt like nothing has really changed. Whatever it is, I'm really glad I made that call (out of the blue) and asked her out!

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