Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's my birthday!

My birthday was just like any other day, no fancy celebration, eating out or even a cake for that matter. Mummy dearest made quite a bit of food and that made me happy enough. Yvonne came by to join me for lunch and after reminiscing a little about our high school days, we headed to the Rivervale mall @ Seng Kang for some Daiso-shopping and that was pretty much how I spent my birthday.

Thanks y'all for all the birthday wishes! I'm happy so many people remembered, if not, Facebook certainly gives good reminders. Heh.

Mathias called and I asked if he had a birthday present for me. He said he did and that it was "jup jup lah" and proceeded to make kissing noises over the phone. That really made me laugh and when I told him it was a "cheapskate present", he said "got more lah" and went on to make more kissing noises. I know it sounds silly but it really made me so happy. DEARIE, WHY YOU SO CUTE?!

Anyway, after awhile he suddenly said "I have a surprise for you", and started singing "Happy Birthday Dearie" in a super cute and lazy voice. I couldn't stop giggling. That boy really knows how to make me happy. :)

I didn't want him to waste $ sending me things or waste time making/buying a present because he'll be having exams soon and I rather he use this time to study. But he said he does have a present for me; a surprise that will be given to me when I go over next month. I thought he was just saying it and suspects he has nothing for me at all but he later revealed a little and said it is (or will be) a drawing. Cute!

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