Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Je t'aime beaucoup

I met up with my cousin Xiuwei (had to force her to come meet me because she just wanted to laze at home. It's the last day of the CNY holidays and I really wanted to be out).

The most unexpected thing happened today; her husband Paul surprised her with a trip to Paris/London! She found out about it only on the day itself, just about 6 hours before the time they're supposed to fly off. I was with her when the surprise was revealed and even though it was not involving me at all, I cannot help but feel sooooo happy and excited for her! I was even telling her just before, that the both of them should go for a much needed holiday together, after slogging at work for the past 365 days or more.

She told me that everyone around her has been saying strange things, so she'd suspected something, but did not know where and when, and thought that it'll probably be Japan. Well, next time you want to plan a surprise, DO NOT tell anyone at all because normal people won't be able to contain their excitement/try too hard to keep the secret, they'll let it out of the bag without meaning to.In this case, Paul had to tell his workers about the trip because they'll be doing the follow-ups while they are away. He'd expected them to slip their tongues, so he gave all required details, leaving out only the destination.

He'd already bought most of their much needed winter wear beforehand (how sweet!), leaving us just enough time to do some last minute shopping for some gloves, furry ear muffs and boots for her. I feel really, really happy for them and was compelled to buy matching navy blue turtlenecks from Uniqlo for the lovely couple.

PS: Beef Bolognese Pasta (near tasteless) and Creamy Lobster Bisque soup (which was not creamy at all) at Delifrance@Tampines Mall really kind of sucks.

{ Image via Joon Ho's Flickr }

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