Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've been guilty of...

I've been spending quite an awful lot this week.

My purchases this week (starting from most recent):

Accessorize, S$13.90 each
Dainty little necklaces with vintage-y looks! I like!

Dorothy Perkins, S$58.40 (with 20% off voucher)
I like everything about it; the colour, cutting and prints. Really makes me look slim... Hohoho Can't wait to wear it out.

Coloured stockings from Uniqlo, S$5
It was onl sale at 2 in a pack for S$9.90, so I shared with MZ. It's like a purply-magenta sort of colour that will brighten up any outfit!

Black cardigan from G2000, S$35 (with 30% off voucher)
I feel that it makes any outfit looks instantly more dresses up. I've always wanted a fitted black cardigan too.

Tiffany & Co. necklace x 2
Yup, I finally got them. Really timeless designs that will go with everything and anything. As of now, they're still prettily wrapped up in the classic Tiffany boxes!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Love from Thailand

Every time Dad comes home and tell me I've got mail from Thailand, I get super excited. I really enjoy receiving handwritten letters even though we chat on phone/online almost everyday.
Couldn't wait to read the letter, so I ripped it open even before I could take a photo!

This made me go -.-" but at the same time brought a smile to my face. He's really the cutest person I know! (That's a bus ticket by the way)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bakerzin + Udders

Doesn't my fat wrapped up finger looks like that lump of cream on top of the soup?

United Square // Novena MRT
I was there with colleagues Laurel and Detong, after visiting another colleague at Tan Tock Seng hospital nearby. Needless to say, I had my all-time favourite Aglio Olio pasta. It was really tasty, portions were just nice and reasonably priced at S$7.80 (exclud. GST). I need to master the perfect Aglio Olio; I could probably eat it everyday!

A stone's throw away from United Square or Novena MRT

Flavors we tried:

Mao Shan Wang Durian
S$5.40 for a single scoop (Connoisseur Range)
I was apprehensive about trying it at first. I mean, durian and ice cream??! Well, it tastes strangely like the real fruit (in a good way). And you know what? I actually like the taste of it. A definite must-try for durian-lovers; can't wait to bring Mathias here in May. Yes! He's finally coming!

Strawberry Fields + Awesomely Chocolate on waffles
S$5.40 for double scoops + S$2.50 for waffles
Strawberry Fields has a light, fruity feeling to it and it was not too sweet, which was what I like about it. Awesomely Chocolate  has a really strong dark-chocolatey taste and slight bitter aftertaste (well, it's dark chocolate afterall) but I kinda like it anyway.

Well, ice cream was probably not the best idea RIGHT AFTER a heavy pasta meal (I had pasta for lunch too), but I enjoyed it anyway. Yum yum! Can't wait to have pasta again.

I cut my finger

Oh, the drama! I cut my finger with a penknife, while cutting paper at the office. Ran my bleeding finger under running water, applied pressure, held my finger upwards (as instructed by a colleague) but blood still couldn't stop dripping... Not until my finger was dipped into coffee powder (yikes!) and then soaked in cold water. Then I became giddy and I was later told that my face and lips went pale and hands were ice cold (I remember feeling like I was gonna pass out). Then... I puked and it made me feel much better but I was brought to the doctor anyway. The skin was flapping a little, but it was just a superficial cut, "only 1/3 of an inch" (the doctor had said). It seems like the puking and giddiness was due to me having a mild shock... I have no idea how or why it happened, but I probably panicked a little too much when the blood couldn't stop dripping? *shrug*

Anyway, my colleagues couldn't get enough of signing on my bandaged finger. "I dig my nose with this finger" (highlighted with pink even), "Chio", "Get well soon", "Hi" and a drawing of a pile of shit. Wonderful.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bangkok Day 3 - Platinum Fashion Mall

What better way to spend our time in a cab stuck in a horrible jam:

Okay, you could also sleep I suppose...
That silly Mathias kept pointing to a sleeping Brian, and silently gesturing for me to help him take a photo with the sleeping Brian. -.-"

It was really hot and sunny day, the air-con in the cab sucks; and according to Brian the cab smells of vomit too (One of the rare moments I feel thankful for having sinus).

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bangkok Day 2, Part II - Steamboat at MK

Steamboat at MK is a must-go every time I'm in Bangkok. And like they always say, good food speaks all languages.

Introducing (from left to right) Me, P'Bow (Thai, speaks English with a bit of an American accent because she lived there when she was young), Will (Korean, came to BKK to do his revision?!!), Brian (American + part Japanese, fluent in Japanese), Heather (American-Japanese, speaks with an American accent but has never stepped foot into America) and my dear Mathias (Thai-French, fluent in Thai, French and English/Singlish, lived in France but most of his life in Thailand).

The boys trying out tidbits I brought from Singapore. They did not sit well with the American tastebuds. Heh.

I got my belated V'day present, which has been preserved in Will's refrigerator for more than a month now. A box full of super yummy chocolate! It was extra meaningful because bon bon (candy in French) is the among the many nicknames Mathias uses on me. Shared it with the gang, and everyone gave it thumbs up.


Bangkok Day 2, Part I - Shopping!

Initially, we had plans to go Platinum Fashion Mall on the 2nd day of my arrival. But the heavily congested roads just right outside our apartment changed our minds almost immediately. The red shirts were protesting EVERYWHERE!

So instead, together with Brian and Will, we walked (approx. 10 minutes) to PATA, the nearest mall from 3J for some sticky rice + grilled chicken and som tum followed by Dairy Queen ice cream! After our sumptuous brunch, Will decided to head back first while the 3 of us walked yet another 10 minutes to Central (Pinklao) mall + te-lat-nut (some sort of flea market, only that it opens daily). In fact, I prefer shopping at Central Pinklao's te-lat-nut to Platinum Fashion Mall because things are probably and possibly cheaper. (Platinum is only cheap if you buy 3 or more pieces at the same shop)

My buys for the day:
100baht / approximately S$4.50 (Mathias bought them for me!)

200baht / approximately S$9

230baht / approximately S$10

250baht / approximately S$11

 I especially like the details on purse's closure!

Today's buys include 2 other dresses (250baht and 280baht) and one slouchy tank tee (150baht) which I'll probably be showing in an outfit post some other time!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bangkok Day 1 - Arrival

Each time I'm on the plane, I make a new friend. This trip, I got to know Kieran, a 22 year old Canadian who has been working in Singapore (@Lucasfilm Animation) for about 2 years now. It was funny because I'd usually strike a conversation with my row mate (traveling alone can get really boring) but Kieran looks really quiet and I wasn't sure if he spoke English at all, so not a word was exchanged throughout the whole flight (and I somehow fell asleep). But just a few minutes before landing, Kieran asked to borrow a pen and soon enough, a conversation started. We chatted for quite a bit, hung out for awhile at the airport and exchanged contact before parting ways.

Mathias had wanted to stay later at work so that he can pick me up straight after; but I wanted him to go home first for a nap, because that poor boy haven't slept properly for weeks now because of exams + school assignments + work. Initially, he didn't want to go home first because he was afraid to oversleep but I insisted and so he did.

True enough, he did oversleep, so I had to make my way back to the apartment on my own. I contemplated taking the bus but thought cabbing would be wiser, especially since I'd be traveling alone + heavy traffic is expected because of the protest, it would have been crazy to get stuck in the bus for hours with no companion.

So, I got on a cab and that was when the nightmare began. I was stuck in a cab for close to 2 hours with a grumpy cabbie who was reluctant to take me to my destination (it's near to where the Reds are rallying so a lot of the roads are blocked and a horrible traffic jam is ensured). I was driven quite a distance away from the airport before the cab pulled over suddenly, with the cabbie telling me he needed to figure a way to get there first (he seems to be having second thoughts about taking me there). I panicked a little and that was when I had to call Mathias to convince + direct the cabbie to take me there. Throughout the whole journey, he was very negative and kept grumbling about the horrible traffic and stupid road blocks and must have told me a million times he lives near the airport and all. I also visited the Reds, followed by Thai PM Abhisit's house and then the Thai King's house before finally arriving at 3J Court Apartment. It was actually a good thing Mathias somehow didn't make it to the airport, otherwise it would have been a complete waste of time for him. The fare (S$20) was also twice of what I normally paid for, and not to mention the horror I'm preparing myself for when I receive this month's mobile phone bill. REMINDER TO SELF: Always get a local SIM card. Incoming calls (even from overseas) are FREE and it costs only 99baht / S$4! (I have one but it was in another wallet which I had left at home. Could have kicked myself for being so forgetful!)

Anyway, I finally got to see my dear Mathais and was pleasantly surprised by a very, very clean and neat room (The cleanest I've ever seen it!). Will, a Korean guy we got to know at 3J, saw a photo I had taken of the room and kept exclaiming (really emotionally) how he "couldn't believe it was the same room" he had visited. He described Mathias' room as so messy "I couldn't even place one foot on the floor". My sweet Mathias cleaned his room just for me! Isn't he a gem? ♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That short walk from Raffles Place to Clark Quay

Couldn't resist taking photos around pretty lights!

Yummy packaging

What I have in my candy box (It's actually a Tupperware I have just for storing tidbits!) at the office.

I think the characters are so cute and old school. The baby ball cookies' packet (that's what it reads) have little colourful musical notes on the top and bottom. And I'm somewhat surprised Gardenia adopted such a look/idea for their packaging - Twiggies Choc-a-lot Chocolate, Anytime is Twiggietime!

I'm going to eat Twiggie now! :)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Been buying lots of cute tapes lately :) Stick, stick, stick!

Bestest Cousins Ever

So happy! So many things crossed off my wishlist already.
  • Origins Starting Over Age-erasing moisturizer with Mimosa
  • Plain chiffon maxi dress
  • A Peter Pan collar shirt
  • Proper storage in my room
  • Mulberry Bayswater bag
  • Polaroid camera
  • Perfect belt for my vintage dresses
Today, my favourite cousin Xiuwei came by my place to give me a surprise visit, and an even bigger surprise belated birthday present!

At first, she surprise me with a beautiful notebook designed by San Francisco artist Laurel Burch™, bought from Paris. Then after awhile, I was even more surprise when she took out another present - the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S! I absolutely love it and can't wait to use it! Thanks Xiuwei! 真的很感动!

And just last year, Shirley, another beloved cousin of mine (Shirley, Xiuwei and I are like S.H.E, the 3 musketeers, etc... you get the it) gave me a Fisheye One Orange for my birthday. Isn't that awesome?
Don't I have the bestest cousins ever?

Tiffany & Co.

I've been thinking of getting something from Tiffany & Co. as a belated birthday present for myself. I want something classic; something I'll be able to see myself wearing in 5, 10 years time and something that will easily go with any outfit.

Monday, March 08, 2010

LA Vintage

Some vintage dresses and shoes I can definitely see myself wearing, from LA Vintage. Always been a fan of vintage and definitely have a soft spot for camel-coloured/brown shoes!


ION Orchard #B3-23 // Orchard MRT
Met up with Charlotte dear for my belated birthday dinner treat! We decided on Japanese restaurant Watami despite the long queue on a Thursday night (around 8pm) + I always think long queue = good food, no? And indeed the wait was well worth the while as the food was good as well as reasonably priced. Only thing I didn't like too much was that the beef /chicken we had was too fatty!

Level 1, Fairmont Singapore // Raffles MRT
My wonderful colleagues, Laurel, Meowzhi and Detong brought me to Prego for my belated lunch treat. I only found out about this Italian restaurant late last year, but it has since become one of my favourite pasta places ever. The standard of food is consistently good and portions served generously (almost good for 2); but it costs quite abit more than your average restaurant, with prices (for pastas) starting at S$26, excluding GST.

30 Merchant Road, #01-05/06, Riverside Point // Clark Quay MRT
It was my first time at award-winning microbrewery Brewerkz. I was there for a get-together with Samantha and CH, ex-colleagues from MediaCorp Tv12 who has since moved on as well. Well, even after taking a sip of their signature on-site handcrafted premium beer, I still did not change my mind about not liking beer. I really enjoyed the food though, especially that leafy plate of greens! Yums!

The Hand Burger 
Raffles City Shopping Center, #B1- 77/78 // Raffles MRT
313@ Somerset, #B2 - 17/18/19 // Somerset MRT
Tried The Hand Burger to see what the hype was all about. Food was not bad; I like their fries and the buns are tasty, but I find prices a little steep for burgers.

Ngee Ann City, #B2-37 // Orchard MRT
Another one of my favourite pasta places, Domani has been around (but in a different name) for more than a decade now! I always have their Carbonara; it's one of those which you can finish up and not have that horrible bloated feeling after (if you know what I mean).

I LOVE PASTA (and I'll be cooking some tonight)!