Friday, March 19, 2010

Bangkok Day 1 - Arrival

Each time I'm on the plane, I make a new friend. This trip, I got to know Kieran, a 22 year old Canadian who has been working in Singapore (@Lucasfilm Animation) for about 2 years now. It was funny because I'd usually strike a conversation with my row mate (traveling alone can get really boring) but Kieran looks really quiet and I wasn't sure if he spoke English at all, so not a word was exchanged throughout the whole flight (and I somehow fell asleep). But just a few minutes before landing, Kieran asked to borrow a pen and soon enough, a conversation started. We chatted for quite a bit, hung out for awhile at the airport and exchanged contact before parting ways.

Mathias had wanted to stay later at work so that he can pick me up straight after; but I wanted him to go home first for a nap, because that poor boy haven't slept properly for weeks now because of exams + school assignments + work. Initially, he didn't want to go home first because he was afraid to oversleep but I insisted and so he did.

True enough, he did oversleep, so I had to make my way back to the apartment on my own. I contemplated taking the bus but thought cabbing would be wiser, especially since I'd be traveling alone + heavy traffic is expected because of the protest, it would have been crazy to get stuck in the bus for hours with no companion.

So, I got on a cab and that was when the nightmare began. I was stuck in a cab for close to 2 hours with a grumpy cabbie who was reluctant to take me to my destination (it's near to where the Reds are rallying so a lot of the roads are blocked and a horrible traffic jam is ensured). I was driven quite a distance away from the airport before the cab pulled over suddenly, with the cabbie telling me he needed to figure a way to get there first (he seems to be having second thoughts about taking me there). I panicked a little and that was when I had to call Mathias to convince + direct the cabbie to take me there. Throughout the whole journey, he was very negative and kept grumbling about the horrible traffic and stupid road blocks and must have told me a million times he lives near the airport and all. I also visited the Reds, followed by Thai PM Abhisit's house and then the Thai King's house before finally arriving at 3J Court Apartment. It was actually a good thing Mathias somehow didn't make it to the airport, otherwise it would have been a complete waste of time for him. The fare (S$20) was also twice of what I normally paid for, and not to mention the horror I'm preparing myself for when I receive this month's mobile phone bill. REMINDER TO SELF: Always get a local SIM card. Incoming calls (even from overseas) are FREE and it costs only 99baht / S$4! (I have one but it was in another wallet which I had left at home. Could have kicked myself for being so forgetful!)

Anyway, I finally got to see my dear Mathais and was pleasantly surprised by a very, very clean and neat room (The cleanest I've ever seen it!). Will, a Korean guy we got to know at 3J, saw a photo I had taken of the room and kept exclaiming (really emotionally) how he "couldn't believe it was the same room" he had visited. He described Mathias' room as so messy "I couldn't even place one foot on the floor". My sweet Mathias cleaned his room just for me! Isn't he a gem? ♥ ♥ ♥

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