Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bangkok Day 2, Part II - Steamboat at MK

Steamboat at MK is a must-go every time I'm in Bangkok. And like they always say, good food speaks all languages.

Introducing (from left to right) Me, P'Bow (Thai, speaks English with a bit of an American accent because she lived there when she was young), Will (Korean, came to BKK to do his revision?!!), Brian (American + part Japanese, fluent in Japanese), Heather (American-Japanese, speaks with an American accent but has never stepped foot into America) and my dear Mathias (Thai-French, fluent in Thai, French and English/Singlish, lived in France but most of his life in Thailand).

The boys trying out tidbits I brought from Singapore. They did not sit well with the American tastebuds. Heh.

I got my belated V'day present, which has been preserved in Will's refrigerator for more than a month now. A box full of super yummy chocolate! It was extra meaningful because bon bon (candy in French) is the among the many nicknames Mathias uses on me. Shared it with the gang, and everyone gave it thumbs up.


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