Saturday, March 27, 2010

I cut my finger

Oh, the drama! I cut my finger with a penknife, while cutting paper at the office. Ran my bleeding finger under running water, applied pressure, held my finger upwards (as instructed by a colleague) but blood still couldn't stop dripping... Not until my finger was dipped into coffee powder (yikes!) and then soaked in cold water. Then I became giddy and I was later told that my face and lips went pale and hands were ice cold (I remember feeling like I was gonna pass out). Then... I puked and it made me feel much better but I was brought to the doctor anyway. The skin was flapping a little, but it was just a superficial cut, "only 1/3 of an inch" (the doctor had said). It seems like the puking and giddiness was due to me having a mild shock... I have no idea how or why it happened, but I probably panicked a little too much when the blood couldn't stop dripping? *shrug*

Anyway, my colleagues couldn't get enough of signing on my bandaged finger. "I dig my nose with this finger" (highlighted with pink even), "Chio", "Get well soon", "Hi" and a drawing of a pile of shit. Wonderful.

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