Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Maxi(mum) Embarassment


And on the first day I wore it, I tripped and fell when I was trying to get down the bus. The opening of the skirt was quite narrow and I wasn't able to take my usual steps. Good thing was it was around 9.30am when that embarassing moment happened, so there was not much crowd and if there were, they were all kind of rushing to work and didn't even so much as blink an eye. Only one lady stood there, looking at me then to the steps then back to me a few times, looking all very confused; until I raised my hand to signal that I was fine. Doh! Bruised knee sucks though!

I got it from Forecast @Plaza Singapura for S$59.95 (Yes! Below my S$80 budget). Forecast is an Australian brand and the one and only outlet in Singapore is at PS. Pictures soon!

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