Saturday, April 03, 2010

26,000 tickets?

I was at Yvonne's to pass her her belated birthday present. We hung out for quite a while before meeting my cousin Xiuwei, who lives only one block away. Von was just telling me (the last time at my place on my birthday) that she too keeps boxes of mementos (Mentos!) from our high school days.

Reading the letters I had written more than 10 years ago was a really funny feeling. I had a million different handwriting (actually, still do) and am superbly random (still am). One sentence I would be talking about how I was feeling about this guy and all and the very next sentence I would go "I'm supposed to go blading with you!" then following that would be "Why are all the teachers visiting our class? Our class so good meh?" Some of my letters came in a booklet form, with a preface and content segments, complete with a (ugly) bookmark titled "the bookmark". I even decorated pages with 1 cent and 5 cent coins. Seriously.

Till this day, I still send out handwritten letters and absoloutely appreciate receiving them!

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