Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Like Cute Guys

I've been waiting for this for like ever... It will only be 3 more days before Mathias' arrival; his first time in Singapore! Haven't really got anything planned, but on the day of his arrival, we have a lunch date with Ember at Tampines Street 21 (my old neighbourhood). I'll be asking Kate along too as she's been wanting to converse in French with Mathias ever since she started learning the language.

And this is what he said about it:

Matyu says: (11:22:59 PM)
i almost forget french already lorrr...

Matyu says: (11:23:16 PM)
can speak only singlish, haha

And just the other day, the cute boy sent me an "oxox" (Yes, not xoxo) via SMS... It's was really cute but also strange because he's never used that term, and I didn't think he knows what it actually means. So I asked him about it and he told me he accidentally found it online, thus decided to try it on me. Hahaha! I thought it was really funny so I teased him about it, saying it must be some girl who "xoxo" him.

To which he replied "non lan dearie! I just xoxo with you only lor. jing jing (really really)... jup jup!" (non lan is his way of saying no lah; he even invented his own Singlish... Really advanced.)

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