Friday, May 21, 2010

I Like Making Prints

This is meant to be an 8" x 10" print; 1 of the 3 prints I have been working on on and off for a year (and by this, I mean according to mood). I think this one is not quite near perfect yet. There will probably be minor tweaking here and there - you know how it is, there's always room for improvement. (PS: I somehow think Mr. Turtle shouldn't be there)

Still thinking if I should have this on my (yet to be opened) Etsy shop. Not many people may know this, but one day I wish to have my very own stationery shop, selling cute things like self-designed wrapping paper, postcards, button pins, greeting cards, ribbons etc.


Well, here's the latest, and well, I think I'm pretty much done. It fits an IKEA Ribba frame too:


  1. The print looks cute, dearie. I still remember when you just got to start designing it. It gonna take alot of time to reach the perfection.

    Just do it little by little like what you are doing, dear. In the end i'm sure it's going to be so precious :)

    Your Champignon Jup >O< =D

  2. Thank you, my sweetest...

    Yes, I will slowly do it and enjoy the process. :) When we have a chance, I will do it with you around so you can give me your comments/feedback too. Hehe! You always have to cutest ideas!