Friday, June 04, 2010

I Like MT

I really like the MT tapes (I wonder if MT itself stands for Masking Tape). I have the navy blue + silver (which I use sparingly), and recently added Gold + Mint to my collection. I mainly use them to decorate + seal letters. The envelopes will not tear when opened! *amazed*

But of course there are a lot more (aesthetic) uses for these MT tapes. Pretty!


  1. Masking Tape ?? Non lan !!

    MT stands for MaThias lorrr.. haha :)

    They all look nice, dear. I like the 2nd one, which is coulorful with the word "time", and the last one, which looks like the map in brown! :)

    .. Monsieur Champignon =D

  2. Hi Monsieur Champignon!

    MT = Mathias Toot

    I like the map one too! Next time I will wrap your presents like that okay? Hehehe :)

  3. Okay dearie. hehe :)